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How to Find a Work from Home Job or Side Gig in 30 Days or Less

This Course is YOUR ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in the Work from Home Job Hunt! Learn How to Find - and Land - the Best Jobs & Gigs Before Everyone Else!


Great work from home jobs and side gigs fill fast! When we post jobs from companies like Amazon, Hilton, Hyatt and Apple, it's not unusual for them to disappear within a few hours -- or even less. As with Black Friday sales, the front of the line has the advantage.

This course shows you how to find the jobs and gigs that fit you best, get to the front of the line, and land the job. So you can have the job or side gig you really want.

And when you enroll in the course and join the Rat Race Rebellion Elite private Facebook group, both Chris and Mike and their hand-picked Mentors will be guiding you. You'll be in some of the most experienced hands in the industry.

The competition for work from home jobs is stiff and getting stiffer. This course is your ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in the job hunt!

Using the tips, "tricks," techniques and resources in this course, you'll be able to uncover legitimate jobs and gigs hours -- or even days -- before other job hunters ever see them.

In fact, one of the techniques in this course will show you how to find jobs BEFORE they're posted to any job boards!

This means you can get your application in ahead of the pack, so you'll have the full attention of the hiring manager! You won't be "lost in the flood" or looking at the all-too-common notice, "This job has been filled."

We'll also show you how to get your resume past HR software filters with flying colors -- and ace your virtual interview.

TESTIMONIALS We've delivered this course for:

"BOOM! Three days after taking your course, I located and landed a work from home customer service job with Amazon! I am beyond excited! This class is magic!! Now, I'm going to use what you taught me to help my sister-in-law find a remote job, too!" - Maria V.

"Chris’ technique is wonderful because she teaches you to fish so you can eat for a lifetime, but she also gives you sample fish so you don’t starve while you practice! Thanks!" - Sonia F.

"Your concise teaching and knowledge was excellent. You convey a confidence and enthusiasm that is encouraging and contagious. I feel so ready to find a work from home job now. Thank you." - James V.

"Chris provided an excellent course. She presented with professionalism and made the course interesting and relevant. The information provided was comprehensive and well-packaged." - LaTonya B.

"I have wanted to work from home for years, but I've been scammed three times. Each time I was sure it was real. The scam you investigated in the course is almost identical to the last one I fell for.

"I want you to know that I was honestly starting to think there were no real work from home jobs out there. You've opened my eyes, filled my mind, and given me everything I need to find a real job. I feel EMPOWERED! You've renewed my faith!" - Geri M.

"This was the best program I have ever been to. It is forward-thinking and has answered many questions I had as well as questions I never even thought to ask. It's been a challenge moving every few years and trying to find work in each new place. I am finally empowered to find a home-based 'portable career' that can make the move with me.

"You have no idea what a blessing this is for me and my family. Thanks!" - Amanda S., Air Force spouse, Peterson AFB

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Have you been...

  • Thinking about working from home, but are afraid you'll get scammed?
  • Visiting work from home sites, but not finding your ideal job or side gig?
  • Finding good jobs only to discover the company has already received all the applications it needs?
  • Frustrated that employers aren't replying to your applications?
  • Wondering if your resume is optimized for work from home jobs?
  • Curious about which big companies are hiring remote workers?

We can help with ALL of that - and more!

If you've been thinking about working from home -- or doing something on the side for extra income -- you NEED this course! Why?

  • The course was developed for the US Armed Forces and the State Dept. by your trainer, Christine Durst -- You'll be in the hands of a leading expert in the work from home field
  • It's too easy to get scammed without expert guidance
  • You're competing with experienced work from home job seekers -- If you don't have help, it's like "arriving at the Black Friday sale on Saturday"
  • The competition for work from home jobs is surging as the movement goes mainstream -- this course gives you the edge
  • The best jobs and gigs are filling faster as competition grows -- this course puts you in front
  • Once you find the job, you need to nail the resume and interview -- We'll show you how

Christine Durst and Michael Haaren have been leaders in the work from home movement since 1999. With their trainings at military bases, community colleges, faith-based organizations and the State Department's Foreign Service Institute, they've helped thousands of people find rewarding work from home jobs and side gigs.


Unlimited, non-expiring access to 17 course modules with 3.5 hours of video led by Chris Durst, plus bonuses.

Regular updates to course content and resources.

30 days membership in our RRR Elite private Facebook group where you'll find the support you need to kick off your search -- and beyond!

The modules cover everything you need to find and land work from home jobs and gigs ASAP, including:

  • The secret weapon to uncover jobs BEFORE companies even post them to job boards
  • How to find work from home jobs with GREAT BENEFITS, PAID TRAINING and EQUIPMENT PROVIDED
  • The inside tools, "tricks" and resources we've used to find over 350,000 legitimate work from home job openings
  • 55+ industry-specific job boards to help shorten your search
  • How to ace a "remote" job interview
  • How to make sure your resume can "beat the bots" -- the screening software that HR Departments use to filter resumes
  • How to expertly navigate corporate websites to find all their home-based jobs
  • How to go straight to the work from home jobs at 100+ BIG COMPANIES, like Amazon, Apple, U-Haul, Hertz, Dell and many more - updated regularly with new companies
  • The best search terms to find great jobs and filter out scams
  • How to find part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and gigs that let you work when you want

And MUCH, MUCH more!!

Course Curriculum

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Your Instructor

Chris Durst
Chris Durst

Few names are more synonymous with virtual work and internet scam-busting than Christine Durst.

In 1999, Chris and Michael Haaren co-founded Staffcentrix -- the company that designed the first work from home job-finding courses for the US State Department and the Armed Forces. Durst has delivered those courses on-site to thousands of people at US military bases around the world, as well as at the US Foreign Service Institute.

Durst and Haaren launched the RatRaceRebellion.com site in 2006 as a free resource to help people find legitimate work from home jobs and side gigs, and avoid scams. Since then, Rat Race Rebellion has become one of the most trusted brands in the work from home movement.

Durst has presented on virtual work before the United Nations, the Association of Job Search Trainers, several Presidential Committees on employment, the Small Business Administration, the US Department of Labor, the Department of Defense Spouse Employment Conference, Microsoft's Aging Workforce Conference, State Workforce Development Boards, the New York State Department of Education, Chase Bank, colleges, faith-based organizations and other groups.

Chris appears often in the media as an expert on work from home jobs and scams. Her appearances include Good Morning America , The Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Today Show, CNN, The Wall Street Journal , Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, The Christian Science Monitor , Businessweek, Fortune, The Washington Post, Essence, Military Money , Reader’s Digest, Consumer's Digest, USA Today, Fortune Small Business , Inc. Magazine and many more.

Chris is credited with being the founder of the Virtual Assistance industry in 1995.

Your instructor, Chris Durst, is the expert the media turns to.

Lots of folks "embellish" their expertise and media exposure. We don't have to! Check out a few of Chris' media appearances in this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
Access is unlimited. After enrolling, you have full access to the course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. We're always adding new resources and links to the course so, even after you complete all of the modules, you'll want to come back regularly to benefit from details about new hiring companies and more!